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Help support Keysha's education

Status: Active

Keysha will be in the third grade next year in the Richmond inner-city school district. She has a sister and two brothers and both her parents are unemployed. Her school is one of the lowest-rated in the state. She faces an extreme uphill battle to get a good education. Our sponsorship will help give her basics like school supplies, clothing, meals, and other things that will help improve her chances of getting the education she deserves.

raised of $360.00
days left, ends at Sep 30, 2020
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Chris M

Midlothian, Virginia

We are very excited to be sponsoring Keysha through Children-Inc. Less than half of the children in Keysha's school are able to read and do math at their grade level. Her school is rated at a 1 (out of a possible 10) and many students do not have consistent homes and have to rely on the kindness of relatives and friends to provide a place to sleep. (Please note that while Keysha is a very real person, we are using a similar name and photo to protect her anonymity).

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