Raise More Money with Less Effort

Raise More Money with Less Effort

Make a difference in the lives of kids you care about. Avoid creating hassles and headaches for your supporters. They’ll both love you for it.

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Ready for a better approach?

With our approach to online fundraising your supporters can buy almost anything with just a couple clicks. We work with caring business so contributions from each purchase make a big impact for your cause. Everything is designed so you get better results with less stress.


Receive a big share from each purchase

Offer Variety

Your supporters can buy almost anything


Offers that save your supporters money


Quick to start and easy to shop online

Trusted and Transparent

Trusted and Transparent

You know what your supporters are buying and how much you earn from each purchase.

1,000 points = $100.00. No hidden gimmicks

Points for each offer are published clearly

See every transaction for your campaign

Secure payments through PayPal

Keeps you in Control

Your relationship with your supporters is incredibly important to you. We know you don’t want to ask them to jump through hoops. Our approach gives you complete control.

Get your own personalized campaign page

List items and sell directly to your supporters

We don’t contact your supporters without permission

Get your earnings paid on demand to your account

Trusted and Transparent

Caring through Sharing

It is easy to share your campaign and engage your community. Get personalized links so purchases by your supporters automatically earn points for your cause. And everyone can check in on progress to see how they’ve helped.

It is quick and easy to get started

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