Frequently Asked Questions

What are points and how are they used?

We donate $100.00 for every 1,000 points or $1.00 per 10 points. We are shocked how often you are asked to support a cause and have no idea how much of your purchase is actually going to help. We believe in being fully transparent. The point system makes it easy for you to know exactly how much is donated.

How are points determined?

We work with caring businesses to give as much back as possible. Our business partners decide how much they get paid for each of their offers and usually set the price that we will charge you. The difference less our platform fee determines the points. (In case you care about the math, we actually multiply this by ten since each dollar donated is equal to ten points). Our goal is to get you, our buyer, compelling offers that make it possible for you to give as much back as possible!

How can my business benefit from working with ShopMyCause?

Businesses can attract attention and discover new customers working with ShopMyCause. We help you increase sales without spending more on marketing. You are also seen making a difference in your community and improving children’s lives.

Make a difference in children's lives

How do I make an offer on ShopMyCause?

If you are with a business that is interested in making an offer through our site, we would be excited to work with you! Contact us by email at or reach us by text/phone at (804) 620-7016 or message us with facebook messenger. You can also find additional information about offers on the Create an Offer page.

How does my organization get paid for our campaign or offer?

You can have your available balance paid to you whenever you want it by contacting We will transfer funds electronically or send you a check. We are working to complete an automated on-demand transfer feature that will be available for you to use on the site very soon.

When do funds show up in my available balance?

For campaigns, funds show as available 30 days after the customer transaction is completed (i.e., 30 days after the customer order is shipped or the eTicket is redeemed). For businesses listing offers, funds typically become available 30 days after the customer transaction is completed (this timeframe may vary based on the specific offer and related business agreement).

Can I make a dollar donation without buying a product?

Due to fundraising rules, we do not accept dollar donations on behalf of our causes. You can reach out to them directly. Often, they will have links listed on their ShopMyCause campaign page!

Is this like Amazon Smile?

Amazon Smile donates only 0.5% for every purchase. We target our offers to donate approximately 20%. So we donate approximately 40 times more for an average purchase compared to Amazon Smile! Our entire mission is to let you shop to make a difference!

Do you charge a fee?

Like you, we want the organizations serving kids to receive a great donation, so we only keep a minimal fee per sale. We charge a platform fee of 6% + credit card fees. This is roughly equivalent to sites like Etsy and less than what Amazon would charge to sell on their platform. Our goal is to reduce the fee we need to charge over time so we can help more kids.

Why don’t I see offers in my area?

We offer a number of products that we will ship to you anywhere. For example, we offer a broad array of school supplies and children’s educational toys and games. We are working diligently to increase this list! We also work with local businesses to list offers but this takes a little more time. If you know a business that you'd like to see in ShopMyCause, please tell them to contact us! Or, let us know and we can reach out to them.

Why don’t I see my school or cause listed?

We are creating new campaigns every day and would love to help your cause! Simply go to the Start a Campaign page and create a campaign today.

How do I return something?

Just contact us at and we will share details for how to do your return.

What is your return policy?

Our typical return policy is to accept returns 30 days from the date of purchase but because we work with different businesses to provide offers, each offer may have a different return policy. Details on the return policy for each offer is listed on the offer page.