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Lets play house dust sweep & mop
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This six-piece play set gives kids all the housekeeping tools they need...

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This six-piece play set gives kids all the housekeeping tools they need to keep it clean! Sized just for kids and built to last, the broom, mop, duster, dust pan, and hand brush are comfortable to use and easy to store--just hang them from the sturdy cords onto the included stand for neat, compact storage. (The dust pan can also snap onto any of the handles.) Natural-wood handles add durability and a classic look; bright pops of color keeps lots of fun in the mix!<br /><br />Dimensions: 28" x 4.5" x 11" Packaged

2012-07a~LEDFP12GC125250~EDUCATOR SCHOOL LAMINATION 3 MIL~ 25IN X 250FT PER ROLL~GRAPHIC LAMINATING~Furniture & Equipment~Furniture & Equipment~Laminators~6788822066704~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~25.00~4.00~4.00~~9~~A high quality film developed specifically for use with light duty and desktop laminators. Perfect #12 is recommended for schools, libraries, offices, hospitals, etc. This film provides substance, durability and beauty at a reasonable price. It provides an excellent bond to most photos and ink jet media. 3 Mil .001" Polyester/.002" Polyethylene. This item is sold per roll.

2012-07a~LEDFP17GC125500~EDUCATOR SCHOOL LAMINATION 1.7 MIL~ 25IN X 500FT PER ROLL 1IN CORE~GRAPHIC LAMINATING~Furniture & Equipment~Furniture & Equipment~Laminators~6788822066735~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~25.00~4.00~4.00~~10~~High-quality, thin (1.7 mil) film with great clarity. Good for two-sided lamination of standard stock and may also be used for one-sided lamination of heavy stock.<br /><br />This item is sold per roll

2009-08a~LEE10050~SORTKWIK FINGERTIP MOISTENER 3/8OZ.~ ~LEE PRODUCTS COMPANY~Supplies~Supplies~Mailroom~084417100508~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.00~2.00~0.50~~0.045~Yes~Contains a patented anti-microbial ingredient for more hygienic protection. The non-toxic ingredients provide a positive grip for easy counting, filing, collating and sorting. Odorless, will not stain skin, paper or clothes. Contains a protective blotter.

2008-001~LEE13888~REMOVABLE HIGHLIGHTER TAPE 6 ROLLS~ STANDARD COLORS .5 X 720IN~LEE PRODUCTS COMPANY~Supplies~Supplies~Tape & Tape Dispensers~084417138884~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4.90~3.80~1.90~~0.3~Yes~An effective tool that helps students focus by capturing their attention with color and is used to teach how to highlight. Colors can help students with visual learning disabilities like Irlen Syndrome, Dyslexia or Autism or poor concentration to focus so they can succeed! Economic tape can be reused and stored to use again.

0000-001~LER0457~COUNTERS BACKYARD BUGS 72-PK~ ~LEARNING RESOURCES~Learning Materials~Math~Counting~765023013986~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6.00~6.00~3.00~~1.14~~These colorful creepy, crawly counters turn sorting and counting activities into fun adventures. Set of 72 includes grasshopper, bumblebee, beetle, spider, dragonfly and caterpillar. Soft rubber counters come in six colors and are packaged in a reusable plastic tub. Suggested activities included

2010-11a~LER0477~WRITE & WIPE POCKETS~ ~LEARNING RESOURCES~Learning Materials~Supplies~Dry Erase Sheets~765023804775~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~14.50~11.00~0.90~~1~~Clear, oversized pockets turn every paper into a reusable write & wipe activity?just slip in your own activity masters. Each set includes 5 pockets and 5 dry-erase markers with eraser tips, which store in the handy loop on the top of each product. Pockets measure 10"L x 14" H and accommodates most masters. A great way to go green!

2009-12a~LER0808~SIMPLE STOPWATCH~ ~LEARNING RESOURCES~Learning Materials~Teacher Aids~Timers~765023808087~~Y~Y~Y~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7.70~4.10~1.20~~0.15~~Simple Stopwatch<br />Even your youngest students can master it! Only 3 buttons&mdash;green for go, red for stop and yellow for clear. Great for classroom management, centers, timed math exercises, science investigations and measuring elapsed time. Easy-to-read display shows minutes, seconds and 1/100 seconds. Measures 3"H. Requires one 1.5V button-cell battery, included. Grades K+<br /> Dimensions: 29.00 x 11.00 x 4.75 (L x W x H).

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