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Listing an offer with ShopMyCause connects you with new customers in your community and target market. We promote your offer for free across our partners. You increase sales and grow your brand.

What it means for your business:

Broader Reach. Connect with an engaged community of customers

Stronger Brand. Be seen making a difference

Free Marketing. Listing offers is completely free. We do the promotion.

More Time. Drive the business you want. You decide how to share the proceeds.

You are in always in control.
Without any hassles.

Get paid on demand

See your balance and get your earnings paid directly when you want.

Get your personalized page

Customize your offer photos, descriptions,everything on it.

Change at any time

Pause, update, or change your offer whenever you want.

Decide pricing

Set how much of each sale you share with the customer’s cause.

Trusted and Transparent

Your relationship with your customers is incredibly important to you. All transactions are fully secure using the latest technology. We give you the data you need to understand what your customers are buying.

See every purchase, instant notifications

Secure payments through PayPal

Simple point system to track donations

eTicket vouchers with traceability

Customers notice when businesses care

There is growing evidence that customers are more loyal when they see that businesses support the causes they care about. Here are some stats from a 2018 market research study conducted by Cone Porter Novelli.

2 of 3

customers will share product information from that brand

2 of 3

customers would switch from a product they typically buy

8 in 10

customers are more loyal to purpose driven brands

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